Art and science are complimentary disciplines, often mistaken for struggling opponents. However, my passion for art is matched by my love of science, and the two constantly inform and inspire one another.  Geology and ceramics intersect in my research. Together my two passions speak of how materials combine and why their union is significant. 

Geology is an investigation that deconstructs the events and conditions which create a resulting landscape; ceramics allows me to actively sculpt environments and combine the Earth’s elements into new forms.  Through this lens I balance meticulous obsession and reckless exploration. Collecting, categorizing, mapping, and identifying limits are all essential to my process.  I endlessly experiment with forms, textures, and glazes in search of the ideal sample.  My hands are the primary implement, forcing tiny coils and deliberate pinches to amass into structures.  Any tools used are familiar, their marks easily recognized by a trained eye.  The essential properties of clay are emphasized as they transform from plastic to brittle. Natural deformations and impressions such as slumping and cracking are encouraged while still preserving the human touch.  Ultimately my goal is to create work that reveals enough evidence to tell the history of it’s own making.




2014         B.F.A. Ceramics: University of Washington, Seattle, WA

2014         B.S. Earth and Space Science: University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Scholarships & Awards

2013-14    Harold and Sylvia Tacker Award in Ceramics         


2014        "Pools & Breaks" solo B.F.A. thesis exhibition, Ceramic and Metal Arts Building, Seattle, WA

                 3D4M BFA Thesis Exhibition, Jacob Lawrence Gallery, Seattle, WA

                 Scholarship for Scholars, juried group exhibition, Ceramics and Metal Arts Building, Seattle, WA

2013         Student Showcase, Pottery Northwest, Seattle, WA 

Professional Experience 

2014         Studio Assistant: Steve Gardner, Seattle, WA

2013         Teaching Assistant/Intern: Nick Bivins, beginning throwing, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

                 Studio Assistant: Kristin Shimik, Seattle, WA

2009        Intern: Northern Clay Center, Minneapolis, MN